Custom Sauna Design, Sales and Service in North Carolina & South Carolina, Virginia and Georgia

Saunas may be found in North and South Carolina hotels, fitness clubs and even Universities. The benefits of saunas have been well documented making them essential for health clubs and other commercial installations. However, today custom saunas have become a popular home amenity.

Custom Sauna Design

Exceptional Custom Residential and Commercial Sauna Designs


Custom Home Saunas

Our custom home saunas offer you endless design possibilities. Our sauna designers will take your blueprint, floor plan or dimensions and design a custom home sauna for your specific space. We can design a sauna to fit under a stairway or as part of your in-home work out room. We can even design a sauna to re-purpose an unused closet.

Custom Fitness Club Saunas

As a professional sauna builder, Carolina Sauna will tell you what works and what won’t for your fitness center’s sauna installation. We will advise you on the best way to utilize the square footage of your available space and provide design and planning consultations. We are experts in constructing, operating  and maintaining custom fitness center saunas.

Custom Hotel Saunas

Hotels from Charlotte North Carolina to Charleston South Carolina are installing Custom Saunas for their guests. The reason why? Because guests love amenities that make them feel pampered! Nothing makes a person feel more pampered than enjoying a relaxing Sauna. Carolina Sauna specializes in Commercial Custom Hotel Saunas.

University Saunas

Many Universities and Colleges in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virgina and Georgia have begun to install custom saunas in their recreation facilities. Also, many apartment complexes surrounding universities have installed custom saunas in their club houses for their residents. Carolina Sauna has the installation expertise for just such installations.

Custom Sauna and Steam Room Installation

We offer complete, home and commercial, custom sauna and steam room installation and service.

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