The Health Benefits of Home Saunas

Because of the many health benefits of home sauna, more people have started to have their own saunas built in their private homes. Outdoor saunas are usually built as a separate unit, while indoor saunas are typically built into large houses or estates. From treating simple colds to more serious illnesses like hypertension, many people have attested to the numerous health benefits of home sauna.

One of the known health benefits of home sauna is treatment for common colds. Studies indicate that cold and flu viruses are killed when breathing in air of more than 80 degrees. Spending regular time in the sauna can also increase the body’s resistance and strengthens the immune system.

Other health benefits of home sauna include releasing harmful toxins from the body, like literally sweating out the bad stuff. The profuse sweating cleanses the skin’s pores, which can lead to healthier and more supple skin. Another one of the health benefits of home sauna, sweating, is also a great way to get rid of calories and shed off some excess weight.Relaxing-in-a-Carolina-Sauna

Improving blood circulation is another one of the many health benefits of home sauna. The application of heat to the body relaxes and expands the blood vessels, which then helps the heart and other body organs to function better. Good blood circulation is also beneficial to people suffering from arthritis, as it improves the mobility of joints and helps soothe tired muscles. Aside from relieving tense muscles and joints, there are also other health benefits of home sauna. Some studies suggest that using saunas can be helpful to people with diabetes, obesity and hypertension.

To fully enjoy the health benefits of a home sauna, the ideal time to spend in them is about 10-30 minutes a day because spending longer times can lead to light-headed-nest, dizziness and dehydration.

As with any treatment, there are some precautions to keep mind. Those who have high blood pressure or any heart ailment should consult their physician before testing the health benefits of home sauna.

Pregnant women or those with illnesses aggravated by heat are also discouraged from using them. Offering the pleasure of convenience and privacy, home saunas provide an easy way to relax and unwind right in the comfort of your own homes. Coupled with the health benefits, a home sauna room is really a worthwhile investment.


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