Frequently Asked Questions

What would you like to know about saunas or steam rooms?

The following questions have been asked by our clients in the past.Happy-Sauna-Owners

What is a sauna?

A sauna is a room designed to be heated to high temperatures with low humidity. Saunas are typically used both for recreational and therapeutic purposes. Most people utilize them as a relaxation tool that also provides additional health benefits. The majority of saunas are built of aromatic woods that release pleasing aromas as they heat.

“What is the Purpose of a Sauna?”

The purpose of a sauna is usually for relaxation. The high temperatures and low humidity of a sauna is very relaxing and helps relieve tense muscles.

What are the Benefits of a Sauna?”

A sauna has several benefits beyond the obvious relaxation factor. For example it has been shown that a sauna can actually improve your immune system. The skin acts a medium to remove impurities from the body through sweating. So by sweating in a sauna you can also boost the body’s immunity system. Also, you will find that a sauna will increase your blood flow to your extremities. The increased blood flow is what actually relaxes you because the increased blood flow will make your body feel more flexible.

“What is the Purpose of a Steam Room?”

Steam rooms use moist heat to relax muscles and connective tissue. High temperatures within a steam room encourage physiological responses, such as sweating, which eliminate toxins and promote overall good health. Athletes often use steam rooms after a workout to keep muscles warm, maintain flexibility and prevent injury.[/toggle]

“Why have a steam room installed in your home?”

A home steam room provides you with a relaxing environment without having to drive to a day spa or health club. A home steam room provides you with the ability to unwind after a hard day at the office or just to pamper yourself for whatever reason.


  • Carolina Sauna recently converted one of our walk-in closets into a Sauna. What started with an inquiry as to "is this possible" turned into an amazing reality. Tim Metzer and his team delivered us turn-key best-in-class service from first call to final installation. The craftsmanship is outstanding, cost was exact to the quote and the install team was very friendly and knowledgeable. Overall, the entire experience exceeded our expectations.

    Mike H. Charlotte, North Carolina
  • I am a single family custom home builder and Carolina Sauna recently completed the second sauna installation in the last 5 years for my company. In both installations, Carolina Sauna provided excellent service, quality materials and the attention to detail on the installation that my customers expect when building a high end custom home. Tim’s professionalism and communication with the home owner and builder prior to, during and after installation make my job easier and I look forward to working with Tim and CS on the next project.

    Scott Stalker – President, Stonefield Homes Browns Summit, NC
  • We highly recommend Tim Metzer for any size sauna design and installation project. We have worked with Tim on two different saunas and have been more than pleased with each design. From the very simple design to the more elaborate designer space, he provides personal service, attention to detail and customization to fit the client’s needs.

    Tony Gorman Hilton Head, South Carolina
  • Our builder introduced us to Tim Metzer of Carolina Sauna during the construction of our custom home. The service that Tim provided then was great, and he made the process easy. It has now been 6 years since we built, and whenever we need help with our sauna, Tim responds quickly. He has never made us feel that service ended when the sauna was complete. That is so rare now-a-days. We highly recommend Carolina Sauna to all, for we truly believe that Tim and his team will not disappoint.

    Glenn Roberts Virgina Beach, Virgina
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